Monday, 29 December 2014

blogging: 2014 favourites

last year i took to my blog to celebrate my favourite bloggers and youtubers of 2013, so i thought i'd do the same again this year and once again list my favourite bloggers from over the course of the year for you all to have a nosey at, and hopefully follow if you didn't already. i decided to keep my list short and sweet and have managed to whittle it down to 5 bloggers who i find myself always reading up on, and surprisingly none of these appeared in my 2013 favourites. without further ado, i'll begin...

georgina / baby rebel blog

georgia is a blogger from new zealand, and i'm totally in love with her simplistic yet chic style with a little bit of edge. i always find myself wishing i could pull off such minimalistic looks as well as she does. 

amelia is a fellow student and often shows off her budget buys while looking completely fabulous. her pattern and texture clashing within outfits is spot on and she's a definite style inspiration of mine. 

charlotte / crave green velvet

charlotte is another budget shopper, posting a lot of outfits which feature key primark pieces – proof that you can look good on a budget! much like amelia, charlotte often pairs unlikely items together and completely inspires me to relook at the items sat in my wardrobe. 

andini is an australian living in london, and she's proven over the course of the year that she can rock pretty much any look. from dainty dresses to trainers, andini's got it covered, and she always looks gorgeous for it. 

helen / helenanderz

and lastly, helen anderson. she's probably a more commonly known blogger than the rest of the bloggers featured, but i thought she still deserved a spot on this list. i love helen's style and confidence and she really inspires me to be more confident and daring with my outfit choices, and to feel bloody good about myself at the same time. she often features her little daschund lola too, so of course she earns bonus points there. 

short and sweet, there are my top five bloggers of the year! i've inadvertently listed solely personal style bloggers, but it really doesn't surprise me because although i blog about illustration and beauty as well as my personal style, personal style blogs are definitely my favourite blogs to read because i love to be inspired by how others dress themselves. if you're a reader of my blog who's interested in personal style, i'd definitely recommend giving these blogs a try. who are some of your favourite bloggers of 2014? feel free to leave any suggestions below and i'll have a peek at them!


  1. I love these kind of posts, finding new blogs is really fun and all of your favourites have amazing style! I've enjoyed reading the Briar Rose, Hayley-Eszti and What Olivia Did this year :)
    Have a wonderful 2015,
    Emma xo // Wallflower Wardrobe

  2. I love posts like this - they always inspire me to discover more blogs. X