Sunday, 28 December 2014

sunday synopsis

bitch, groan, moan, urrgh, i can't see today's post being a positive one. i've spent the day working on some things that after several hours of work still look like massive piles of shit. i sorted my uni work files out today, and although i feel like i've achieved sweet fuck all this term, it turns out i've tackled 7 briefs as well as my dissertation, which is a lot. because i've had so much to do and no more than a week on a lot of the briefs to create a finished illustration, i feel as though nothing i've made is worthy of any merit because it all feels so unresolved, naive and just bloody uninformed. i've been on my course for three years nearly and the shit i'm churning out looks like it's been vomited up by an overly confident first year who's yet to sit down and have a proper crit. sigh, i'm just at a loss now because i need to start creating good portfolio work if i want graduating to actually get me anywhere.

i'm not sure how much more i want to moan right now, i think it's probably best to wrap up here because extended negativity definitely can't be a good thing. i keep saying i need to pull my finger out, but i've been saying it so long now that i doubt i have the ability to. i'm worried i'm gonna have to totally reconsider my options when i graduate if things continue in a similar fashion up until may.

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