Saturday, 27 December 2014

saturday scribbles

seeing as i posted the last of my #illo_advent illustrations on christmas day, i thought for this week's saturday scribbles i'd show a brief glimpse into the progress of my alice in wonderland illustrations to date (i've been working on my nhs brief this week too, but that's all a bit unresolved at the moment so it's staying well away from being published anywhere until i've figured it out...)

the top two images were the first two images i sent off for feedback from the tutors, and the bottom image is a snippet from a reworked tea party illustration after responding to the feedback. feedback was basically that working digitally was flattening my images, and i still had room to make the images a little more bizarre and interesting – both points i agreed with, even if i was pulling my hair out over the lack of time i had to resolve them. i've still yet to hear feedback from my resolved illustration what with it being christmas (getting in the bloody way, sigh) but i'm hoping it'll be a little more positive and i won't have to sweat as much over much more reworking. it's not entirely finished as i have elements to add and my colour scheme to slightly reconsider, but i'm hoping that my technique's now a little stronger and there's a little more drama within the scene and the characters have a stronger sense of themselves, but we'll see.

next week will be dedicated to finishing the two inner illustrations for good, drafting and finishing the alice book cover, reworking my puffin book cover and continuing working on my nhs brief. i did intend to revisit my dissertation and start writing my story ready for macmillan during the holidays, but i just don't think time will permit it right now. what i'd do for an extra week...

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