Wednesday, 3 December 2014

lush | mask of magnaminty

when my body shop seaweed face mask ran out around a month ago, my first thoughts for replacing it was to head straight to lush after hearing so many good things about their face masks. after a quick chat with a member of staff and testing some products, i settled on the mask of magnaminty face mask because it reminded me most of the seaweed face mask which i already knew worked well on my skin, but also because it's a self preserving mask and lasts a hell of a lot longer than lush's fresh face masks.

so, let's start with the most important aspects of a lush product: the scent. as the description states, the mask has a peppermint scent which i imagine people will either love or hate, and i personally love it because it smells so fresh and awakening, making it perfect for applying on a morning to help you wake up properly! i tend to use face masks around once a week – sometimes more if i've been drinking – just to give my skin a little bit of a boost and hopefully restore any moisture it may have lost throughout the week. the mask claims to help combat 'eruptions and outbreaks', and after two weeks of using the product, i can't honestly say i think it's worked all too well with helping to tackle spots, but i wouldn't like to say for definite just yet because my diet's been dire these last couple of weeks due to my birthday celebrations anyway. after using the mask my face feels baby soft and hydrated, so i'm more than happy to continue using the product over the next couple of months before making my mind up on it for good.

overall, lush's mask of magnaminty has had a positive reception from me, and for £5.50 i think it's definitely a face mask that's worth a try, particularly if you're partial to minty scents. lush's fresh face masks are definitely products that intrigue me, i'm just reluctant to splash out on an item with such a short life span! if you've used lush face masks in the past, i'd love to know what your favourites are!

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  1. Just stumbled across your lil corner of the Internet and I just LOVE your blog and illustrations.
    This mask is my favourite of theirs (that I've tried) - it does wonders for my skin! Catastrophe Cosmetic is a good one too but others I have had bad reactions to :(
    I agree with what you said re about the masks having a short life span which is a major downfall for me...
    I look forward to reading more posts in the future! :)

    Love, Lucy