Thursday, 4 December 2014

tartan & stripes

hat: h&m
jumper: h&m
scarf: urban outfitters (old)
chokers: lilac edge
skirt: primark (old)
boots: primark (old)

i've been feeling a little out of love with my wardrobe and the high street's fashion offerings recently, but one thing i've really fallen a little bit in love with is stripes. stripes are something that never go out of fashion and always look effortlessly chic, but in the past i've just never really been that much into them. perhaps it's my falling out of love with my wardrobe that has brought me to them because when i'm feeling uninspired, nowadays i can just throw on a trusty striped top with some jeans or a skirt and i'm good to go!

i've been really into this striped crop and faux leather skirt combo lately, and now the weather's dropped a little colder i find that teaming them up with my tartan scarf helps to inject a little bit of colour into a monochrome outfit. i'm currently on the lookout for the perfect striped dress, however i'm yet to find one after countless attempts of browsing online and in shops. my perfect striped dress is a shift style, high necked, with sleeves that sit just above the elbow; know of any? please do feel free to let me know if you've spotted it, because i've yet to!

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  1. Love this, tartan and stripes are the perfect combo! Your dream striped dress sounds so nice, I'll definitely let you know if I come across one fitting this description :)

    Andini xx
    Adventures of an Anglophile