Sunday, 7 December 2014

saturday scribbles

i decided this month i was going to take part in an illustration challenge called #illo_advent, where in which illustrators are invited to contribute a festive doodle every day up until christmas day. i decided i was going to stick with plain ol' pencil doodles because they're quick enough to do and so i wouldn't have an excuse to not contribute one daily, and i decided i was going to challenge myself to make every doodle relate to a christmas pun of some sort. i'm currently six days in, and i'm wondering how far in i'll get before i really start clutching at straws when trying to think of original puns! 

as well as the #illo_advent doodles, i've also finished off my puffin design award book cover, however i'm not too pleased with the outcome so i'm considering restarting it again during my christmas holidays, but we'll see! i've also started work for a brief relating to alice in wonderland, asking for a book cover and two internal illustrations, and so far it's been much more fun than the carrie's war book cover business. i'm currently in the stages of finalising character development and i'm starting to think about composition, so hopefully next week i'll have something to share from that brief that's a little more put together than the current scribbles in my sketchbook!


  1. I love your Christmas drawings! Is there any chance you're going to sell Christmas cards (that you'd send to Germany)?

    1. thanks so much! unfortunately not, i don't think there'd be enough time or interest now before christmas to justify me having a batch printed :( ever so sorry!