Monday, 1 December 2014

sloth totes are go!

it's official, my sloth enthusiast tote bags have now been printed, ironed and popped into my etsy shop for sale! they're for sale at £5 a piece and can be viewed here. also, if you're new to etsy, you can bag yourself a tote bag for just the postage cost using the code below for £5 towards your first purchase:

i'd like to thank mini mallory for being such a fantastic model, and wish all you sloth enthusiasts (i know you're out there!) happy viewing!


  1. These are just so ridiculously cute! Couldn't help but buy one :) (lets call it an early Christmas present to myself) thank you!

    Sam | Tiny Paint Pot xx

    1. thank you so much sam, i really hope you like it! :) X

  2. looks great! And glad to hear that you've been selling them super quickly!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!