Sunday, 30 November 2014

sunday synopsis

well i've successfully missed my last two sunday synopsis and saturday scribbles posts now, so i guess i kind of owe it to anybody who reads my blog to talk about why the hell i've been so absent from my blog over the last couple of weeks.

so, let's rewind a couple of weeks, to the week beginning on the 17th november. it honestly feels like that monday was yesterday, where i was frantically pulling together the last bits of my dissertation ready for my full draft submission on the 21st, so it's a bit of a slap around the face to realise that that was actually two weeks ago now. i've said it once, i'm sure i'll say it a million more times throughout the rest of my existence, but bloody hell doesn't time pass quickly when you've got shit to do?! i managed to finish off the last 2,000 words of my dissertation on the monday and tuesday, and was ready bright and early to submit my dissertation draft when the form went live on the 19th at 9am, simply because the sooner i got my dissertation submitted, the sooner i could head home for my birthday weekend with my family.

i made it home for around 3pm on the wednesday, and stayed until 5pm on the sunday. my time at home was nice, but didn't really come without any stress. wednesday evening and thursday were pretty chilled out, as i spent the wednesday evening with my mum and then went out with my mum, had my septum pierced and visited my nan on the thursday, but friday through to sunday all felt like such a big rush. on friday me and my mum were on a coach to manchester at 9am, and we didn't end up back in barnsley until 8pm because the coach had picked us up late and then got stuck in traffic. this wouldn't have been a problem, but i was headed to huddersfield that evening to celebrate my birthday with some friends, so after rushing home to shower and pack, then having car troubles on my way through to huddersfield, it was 9.30pm before i actually arrived there and my god was i ready for a drink by that point. the night was a success, and the next day at 4pm i was heading back home because i had a meal booked at 6pm in doncaster with my family, but my car decided to rear its head again and, to cut a long story short, i had to call the aa out and ended up leaving huddersfield at 5.30pm, meaning i wasn't going to make it home in time to then make it to doncaster by any stretch of the imagination. when i did eventually arrive home, we ended up just heading to meadowhall for a nando's (better than nothing, ey?) before going to see the new hunger games film at the cinema, as we had planned to after our meal in doncaster anyway, so not all was lost. it was that evening that i decided sunday was to be a write off: i was going to have a lie in, demolish my sunday dinner, and chill out with my family and ziggy before driving back up to middlesbrough. 

i told myself then that throughout the week before my actual birthday on the 28th, i'd get loads of work done and eat clean so i could afford the time lost and food eaten for all my birthday celebrations, however i failed epically at both of these tasks, going out twice in the week and generally lazing my way through meals, which mostly meant eating toast and bagels – oops! i'll level with you, i'm feeling a little plumper than normal and my workload has the ability to reduce me to tears daily, but hell, despite the small dramas, i've enjoyed the last couple of weeks. i think sometimes it's easy to isolate yourself from the world a little when you get preoccupied in your own mind and assume that there's no one around who really cares all that much, but the last couple of weeks have proved otherwise for me. i've never felt as close to my family before, and the effort my friends went to to make my 21st special for me really did make me so, so grateful for them, and made me feel a little silly to ever think that they didn't really care all that much. sometimes i just need to step out of my bubble for a while and have a proper look in from the outside, i think. 

so, that's me over the last couple of weeks, and i'm now officially 21. it doesn't feel any different really, not in the short term, but it is interesting to look at the drastic changes i've made to myself since turning 18 three years ago, and i'm thinking the changes are all for the better. happy birthday me!


  1. I really enjoy diarylike posts like this. And the sloth cake I'm seeing in your Instagram feed is the coolest thing ever! :)
    even though I'm going to sound like a complete creep right now I also just wanted to mention I'm obsessed with your hair! It's so beautiful!

    1. not creepy at all, thank you! i'm feeling a little indecisive about having grown my fringe out at the moment so it's nice to know somebody doesn't think it looks a complete mess as i currently do, haha!