Wednesday, 28 January 2015

collection | blush in 'trouble'

previous to picking up this blush, the only other blushers i owned were the ones within the sleek 'pumpkin' blush by 3 palette. while all three of the sleek blushers are still going strong now almost a year after purchase, i'd exhausted them and their vibrancy and was looking for something a little more subtle to combine with the more dramatic eye looks i've been opting for as of late, and i found my solution in collection's 'trouble' blush.

for £2.99, this really isn't a bad little blusher. it isn't quite as pigmented as the sleek ones i own and as such requires a heavier hand when you're collecting the colour onto your blusher brush, but the end result is stunning. 'trouble' is a neutral, dusky pink colour that gives your cheeks a slight flush without overpowering the rest of your makeup, and as such would suit pretty much any look you'd desire to create on the day, meaning it's been a very welcome addition into my makeup bag and my daily makeup routine.

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