Wednesday, 4 February 2015

lush | 'light pink' colour supplement

after the christmas festivities that were (for me) mostly eating myself into a coma, my skin decided to misbehave for a long while afterwards so i decided to take action in the form of purchasing a new foundation. while i was out treating myself to some sale bargains i decided to pick up a lush colour supplement after toying around with the idea of buying one whilst in store for months previously, and i opted for the shade light pink, obviously because i'm a fairly pale gal and my skin tends to be pink in tone. 

i'd describe the product as being light to medium coverage, and as you can see from the before and after picture above it does a pretty good job of evening out your skin tone and masking subtle imperfections, however it doesn't quite cover up more aggressive blemishes, but that's fine for me because i'm not a fan of heavy duty foundations anyway and much prefer to combat pesky blemishes with concealer instead. the product itself is almost gel like in consistency and sets pretty quickly, so i like to apply it by dotting it onto my face section by section (chin, cheeks, forehead) and blending as i go to ensure an even finish as it can dry a little patchy if you don't work it in quickly enough. i apply the product in circular motions with elf's small stipple brush, and it has made its way firmly into my everyday makeup routine even now that my skin's cleared up again simply because it's so lightweight and natural looking that i forget that i'm even wearing a foundation, and that's just how i like it.


  1. How long would you say it lasts? X

    1. if you mean in terms of lasting time on the face i've not noticed it to move at all (when used with primer and setting spray), but if you mean how long do i think the tub will last i'm estimating a good 6 months – i've used it for around a month now and have hardly made a dint in it! hope that helps :) X