Saturday, 7 February 2015

saturday scribbles

yeah, i know, i've got some explaining to do seeing as i haven't posted a saturday scribbles post (or sunday synopsis post, for that matter) for the last two weeks. last weekend i kind of had a legitimate excuse because i was away for the weekend visiting a friend for her 21st birthday, but i'd be lying to you if i said i hadn't just generally been feeling uninspired with my work and blog as of late.

since handing my dissertation in i've been focussing on my self promotion work and starting to think about my final project, and for the most part i've been feeling a bit uninspired and bummed out, by my self promotion work in particular. i'm still a bit unsure of where i want the content or aesthetics of my self promotion work to go, but i do know that i don't want to waste the opportunity to create another good piece of work for my portfolio, so it's something i really need to try and figure out, and pretty quickly, really. 

on the flip side, i've been writing another picture book for my final project to enter into the macmillan prize again, and above you can see some of the rough page spreads that make up my dummy book that i'll be taking in for feedback on monday. i've no idea how the session will go, but i do know that it's the happiest, most motivated and most inspired i've felt with a piece of work throughout the entirety of third year, so that has to count for something. i love the freedom of working on my own texts because i have complete control over everything and the permission to add or take things away where i see necessary, which i felt held me back a little throughout my alice in wonderland work because it never felt quite as natural and effortless as i'd have liked it to, but i suppose i'm learning that i thrive creatively when i can completely become the author of my own work. 

for now i hope you enjoy the little snippets into a story that was inspired almost a year ago now when i visited new york, and i hope to get the ball rolling again properly from now on and have lots to share every week regarding my progress while illustrating the book. 


  1. Awesome! You're very talented!


  2. These are amazing can't wait to see more! :)