Wednesday, 11 February 2015

urban decay | naked 'on the run' palette

while browsing debenhams just before christmas with my dad, he asked if there was anything i'd like to pick up as a gift because he was intending on mainly giving me money for christmas, so i jumped at the chance to try out some high end make up i wouldn't normally pay for myself and headed straight to the urban decay counter. after a bit of deliberation, i put down the naked 3 palette and walked away with their naked on the run palette as i figured that it'd give me the chance to try out a variety of their products as opposed to just one. so, how have i been getting on with it? 

| perversion mascara | 

retailing at £17 for the full version, this isn't something i'd be happy to buy on a whim for fear of being bitterly disappointed, so i was excited to give this a go. it creates fanned out, fluttery lashes that look relatively natural as they don't clump together. i personally love bold, thick lashes so this mascara didn't blow me away, however it does make me wonder what your lashes would look like if you teamed this with their subversion lash primer. unfortunately i don't think i'll ever find out though as £17 is a little bit too pricey for me to ever consider paying for a mascara when i know there are perfectly good budget options available on the high street.

24/7 glide-on eye pencil | 

i haven't purchased an eyeliner pencil for longer than i care to remember now as i'm an eyeliner pen convert, but i thought i'd give this a try regardless. i used it to create a somewhat smoky cat eye, applying the pencil roughly and then blending it out. the pencil is creamy, meaning it doesn't drag when applied and is easy to blend out, and is also really highly pigmented, meaning it'd be pretty easy to build up for a more dramatic look. i've found it's also handy for lining your tight line as it doesn't transfer onto your waterline, which is always good. 

naked lipgloss |

lipgloss is something that i haven't owned since early high school, so i was definitely curious to see how a high end option would fare when compared to the gross, sticky selection young teenage me once owned. much to my surprise, the lipgloss wasn't overly sticky on your lips and added a lovely, subtle sheen of colour. another bonus is that it smells wonderful, so any bits of hair that may get stuck to your lips on a windy day could perhaps be forgiven. 

eyeshadows | 

as i was contemplating picking up this or the much coveted naked 3 palette, i was definitely interested to see how their eyeshadows fared, and i certainly wasn't disappointed. for me these eyeshadows are the best thing about the palette as they're extremely pigmented, long wearing and don't have any fall out; what more could you want from eyeshadows?! if i ever happen to have £40 lying around that i don't particularly need, i would definitely considered splurging and treating myself to the naked 3 palette.

naked flushed palette

lately i'm big on contouring and highlighting, so i was keen to see how this trio fared, and unfortunately i was a bit disappointed. the highlighter didn't really seem to do much on my skin, but i don't know if it's because i currently use a MUA highlighter which is extremely shimmery, and as pictured, this highlighter doesn't have that much shimmer to it at all. as for the contour, i found it to be too orange for my skin tone, and the blusher really wasn't any greater than the sleek blushers i currently own, so i probably wouldn't ever find myself paying the £22 that this product retails for.

altogether, i was pretty damn impressed by the array of urban decay products that this palette offers you, and i think i made a good decision in opting for this over the naked 3 palette, even if i do still find myself lusting after it every now and again. urban decay as a brand has always intrigued me, however i've been reluctant to throw so much money at a brand that i didn't know would be worth it. now i've had a bit of experience with the brand, i've got my sights set on an eyshadow palette and a couple of lipsticks, but time will only tell if i ever decide to splurge out and treat myself to some of them...


  1. Beautiful photographs, I never bought a Naked palette but I'm thinking I really should... Much love, Sjoukje

    1. me too! i just can't justify splashing out so much on makeup though unfortunately :(