Saturday, 14 February 2015

saturday scribbles

this week i'm sharing another few pages from my sketchbook in regards to my picture book. on monday i received feedback and my story was generally well received, however it was a mutual agreement between myself and my tutors that to use another sloth within my story wasn't really doing me many favours in terms of diversifying my portfolio, so i've spent a couple of days this week rethinking my protagonist and making some slight changes to my story – nothing too drastic, but enough to give me a chance to explore another creature!

in the end i settled on a tamandua, a type of anteater, simply because i loved how they move around (mostly on all fours, but they often stand on their hind legs) so clumsily and spend a lot of time tree dwelling as a sloth would, so altogether they made a pretty good (and super cute!) substitute. i always pictured mallory as a lost, confused sloth on the streets of new york, however the more i watch tamandua videos and doodle myself familiar with their anatomy, the more they're capturing my heart, and the more i can see mallory as one of them. 

this week me and my coursemate also pitched our nhs work to the staff members that we've been liaising with since september, who then went onto pitch it to some people higher up the chain, and luckily they all loved it! we've also decided that we're going to enter the project into the creative conscience awards, so in preparation for its deadline in late march we've worked on a couple of smaller alterations before we perhaps have to pick it apart a little more and do a fair bit more work. i never really knew where i thought this project was going because it was sort of put on a back burner for a while until we really got to grips with our strategy, so it's exciting to think that it could potentially go ahead and be rolled out within the nhs nationally! here's to the next few months until graduation (gulp!), it'll be a lot of hard work, but it'll hopefully be worth it.


  1. Your drawings are seriously incredible! Love it!

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