Sunday, 15 February 2015

sunday synopsis

finally, a sunday synopsis post that i'm on top of! i thought i'd get this out of the way (relatively) early in the day before my friends get back in and i no doubt don't touch my laptop for the remainder of the evening, so hi!

so, let's start with the obvious: i've dyed my hair. for a while now i've been debating going back brown simply because i was getting a little bored of the orange, and after spending my week lusting after jenna coleman (swoon) i finally bit the bullet and bought myself the dye (from superdrug so cruelty free, if you were wondering!) my friend josh helped me pick out a colour that was pretty close to my root colour so from here on i don't need to worry about topping up, and i think he did a pretty good job of it. now it's darker i'm also back into the territory of do i or don't i want to cut my fringe back in, and while i'm fed up of looking at my overbearing forehead, i also know i'll be fed up of my fringe come summer once it's hot and sticky and sticking to my face. sigh, fringe woes. 

also aesthetically speaking, i've now finally found a nasal arrangement (didn't know what else to call it!) that i'm happy with now i've finally found a ring for my septum. i went through a spell of buying absolutely useless septum jewellery because it was either too big or i couldn't actually fasten it because it's so fiddly, but i'm finally over it and shall be leaving it as it is until further notice, phew.

i've spent today exercising, running a couple of errands i had and listening to select t. swift songs while doodling away for my picture book, and as i mentioned yesterday, i'm really getting into it. it's so nice to finally feel connected and excited about my work again after the first term of third year which felt a little draining and uninspiring, so here's to a good few months before graduation. maybe it's just coincidence, but i find things in my life tend to go downhill as autumn/winter approaches and then level out once again when spring/summer arrive. i like to say that i'm like a flower in that i bloom in spring and wither and die in autumn, and i'm using this example as firm proof of that.


  1. Love the piercings & shade of lip stick. Your hair colour is beautiful! Much love, Sjoukje