Tuesday, 17 February 2015

acid wash

jacket: river island (old)
shirt: primark
necklace: lilac edge
belt: primark
mom jeans: topshop
boots: primark

hi world, and welcome back to another instalment of my infrequent but definitely-still-a-thing outfit posts! i've spent today working on the beginnings of a picture book spread and broke it up with a visit to the post office, and because it was such a nice day i figured i'd take 20 to snap a few outfit pictures too. as i was only nipping out briefly i couldn't really be bothered with the effort of premeditating an outfit before chucking it on, so while in the process of chucking on clothes i reached for a striped shirt (as ever) and my trusty mom jeans that weren't going to flap around in the wind on my way to the post office.

i'm currently still working on the aforementioned picture book spread, and i think it's going well so far; i'm feeling a little bit rusty at the moment but i'm sure by the end of the week i'll be back into the swing of things! i'll probably give myself another hour or 2 on this spread now while waiting for my housemates to get back from uni, and then i'll be giving myself some necessary time off to stuff myself silly with pancakes with lots and lots of jam and nutella (not together though, obviously.) happy pancake day everyone!! 


  1. I love this outfit, looks great on you! And I hope you'll enjoy your pancakes! :)


  2. Awesome jeans (and I love stripes! Weeh!)
    Much love, Sjoukje

  3. I like this outfit a lot, I'm also stealing the photo of your necklace for instagram :)

    Alice x