Wednesday, 18 February 2015

the body shop | 'mango' eau de toilette

after harping on about the difficulty of finding cruelty free fragrances for what felt like a lifetime, my mum quite clearly became aware of my struggles and thoughtfully bought me this mango eau de toilette for christmas to try out. i'm a big fan of the body shop's various scented body butters and shower gels, so i was curious to see how i'd get on with one of their famous fruity scents in the form of an everyday fragrance. 

mango isn't at the top of my list when asked what my favourite body shop scents are, however it's pleasantly surprised me. i tend to be a lover of sickly sweet scents (ie britney spears' fantasy) which i find people tend to either love or hate, so i was surprised at just how much i've been enjoying using this product as it isn't nearly as sweet as some of my previous favourite fragrances. i'm terrible at describing scents so i'm not going to embarrass myself by attempting to describe this product's scent, however i will say that it's fruity rather than sweet and in turn i think it smells a bit more mature than my usual scents of choice.

my only slight niggle with the product is the fact that it's an eau de toilette as opposed to a perfume so it doesn't linger for as long as i'd like it to, meaning that it makes a perfect fragrance for throughout the day, but you might want to find something with a little bit more of a kick to it for a fragrance that would see you through the day and into the night. or, if you're like me, you can just simply top this product up as and when you desire to stay smelling delicious all day and night. 

for £8.50 i really don't think this is a bad little fragrance. i've been using this product daily since christmas now and i'm about a third of a way down it, and i've already been considering heading back to the body shop to pick up a vanilla and strawberry scented fragrance for when this one eventually runs out. the body shop's scents might not be the greatest cruelty free option out there, but they're certainly bridging a gap for me while i'm finding my bearings in the world of cruelty free fragrance. 


  1. I haven't tried The Body Shop fragrances before but I'm very tempted by the new Smoky Poppy!

    Speaking of cruelty-free fragrances — have you tried the range at Lush? The solid perfumes are great price (£5-10, depending on the fragrance) if you want to try them out and at least the ones I've tried have a good staying power (try rubbing some to the tips of your hair, a great tip from one of the shop assistants)! I don't like the new pots quite as much as the old stick versions but they're still great. I heard somewhere that they're also bringing out new fragrances in the coming weeks too?

    1. i haven't actually, no! i can't say i've ever particularly noticed them when i've been in before, but i'll definitely keep an eye out the next time i'm in there :) thanks jenni!

  2. I love the body shop perfumes, they're so natural but lovely. It is a bit sad that the scent doesn't last too long :-( Much love, Sjoukje

  3. Oooh I'm after a new perfume so I might have to try some of their fragrances! I was about to ask if you've ever tried any from Lush but then I saw the comment above.

    Alice x