Saturday, 21 February 2015

saturday scribbles

this week i've focussed on creating the beginnings of my picture book, and in all honesty it's been a bit of a struggle. i have a tendency to overwork illustrations for fear of them not looking enough as they are, and in turn i've put together a bunch of spreads that i'm not entirely happy with, so i thought today i'd share with you some instagram snaps that show some of the less overworked components of the illustrations instead. 

tomorrow i plan to tackle what i've already got in a much more fresh way that feels relaxed and natural and will hopefully look better overall, but time will tell. i think i'm going to stay away from digitally creating illustrations and simply use photoshop for arranging and making slight tweaks to bits that need it in the hope that my work will start looking and feeling like i want it to, and i'm hoping it'll fall into place pretty quickly because time's ticking and my picture book certainly isn't going to illustrate itself! 


  1. These are so adorable! I really hope one day I'll find a picture book in the book shop that's illustrated by you! :)

    1. oh wow, that's so nice of you to say, thank you! i hope so too :)

  2. those illustrations are so lovely! good luck with the book :-)

  3. These illustrations are so cute! I wish I was creative as this but I'm not remotely gifted in that area at all x

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