Wednesday, 14 January 2015

makeup of the moment

as much as the term 'heroin chic' makes me cringe, i must admit that i've been loving donning the look at the moment; dark, tired eyes, a strong contour and a nude lip are easy enough to throw on and suit my current state of "oh my god i have so much work to do where is my time to sleep??" admittedly i'm pretty good at fitting my 8 hours a night in, so this look helps to give off the overworked vibe i'm currently feelin' at the moment, regardless of whether or not my sleeping pattern reflects that. girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do (and i just gotta get my 8 hours, man.)

i got this little ted baker eyeshadow kit as a gift for my birthday, and after finding out that ted baker was indeed cruelty free i was more than eager to give the middle colour a go. after a bit of playing around with it it became my eyeshadow of choice, with a little bit of the darkest colour to its right along my upper lashline to give off the impression of thicker lashes. i've trawled the internet for places that sell this product to no avail, so i'm thinking that when this palette's had its time (which will be a while, admittedly,) i'll have to find myself a dupe from somewhere to carry on the lazy, somewhat trashy but still put together look that i've welcomed into my daily routine with open arms.

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