Tuesday, 13 January 2015

back in the swing of things

shirt: charity shop
necklace: h&m
boots: primark

hi world, i'm back! i was presenting my work at 9.30 this morning, which means that i now have all day to myself before going out for celebratory drinks tonight, so i thought why not finally get some new blog stuff done to drag it out of its mini hiatus?! last week i decided i was going to treat myself a little when my loan came through because a) i worked bloody hard over christmas, and b) i didn't really spend all that much on clothes or makeup throughout term one, so i went along to boohoo and found some things i'd been after for a while.

the gilet and tapestry skirt were part of my order, as well as a metallic dress that i plan on wearing tonight. i'd been after a shaggy gilet for a while, and this fit the bill perfectly for £15. tapestry skirts are always something i eye up but never end up purchasing, so i thought to hell with it and finally added one to my wardrobe. i'm a bit wary of ordering from cheap online shops such as boohoo and missguided because the quality's often questionable, but i really seemed to drop on with the three items i chose because they're all fab. the boots here are also a recent addition to my collection within the last week as i decided it was time to finally replace my old primark chelsea boots as the heel was starting to come loose, and i really didn't want to risk any unfortunate mishaps in public... 

here's to hoping my blogging mojo's back, ey? hope you've all been keeping well!


  1. You look so fab, I'm in love with that tapestry skirt <3

  2. Love your outfit, that gilet looks so cosy and I have a top in exactly the same tapestry fabric too- such pretty colours!

    Emma xo // Wallflower Wardrobe

    1. it really is surprisingly cosy, even in the cold weather as of late! thanks emma :)

  3. The skirt and gilet are perfect together, I love the mix of textures!