Sunday, 11 January 2015

sunday synopsis

after the chaos that was my christmas break, this last week before my assessment on tuesday has been surprisingly calm; i sacked off reattempting a project because it just wasn't going anywhere and then got good feedback on my work for my two major projects this term, and from there i was calm and collected (well, mostly) while i made the finishing touches to those before heading out to get my portfolio sheets printed on friday. heck, i was so ahead of myself i even managed to take myself shopping with a friend on saturday and treated myself to some well needed new boots (i'm not kidding either, the heel on my old ones was giving in) and another lush bath bomb that i intend to use tomorrow during an indulgent pre-assessment soak.

with what feels like a lifetime of spare time over the weekend, i've actually managed to pull together some blog photos that'll be used for future blog content, and i'm even hoping to fit a couple of outfit posts into the next week seeing as i'll have a couple of mornings free! happy days! i've accumulated a few new favourite pieces in the last 6 weeks or however long it's been since my last outfit post, and i'm excited to share how i've been wearing them lately, like back in the good old days before blogging became a bit of a chore on top of my university work, so that's nice. i'm hoping once my dissertation has been handed in in a couple of weeks i'll be able to resume blogging as normal, but as ever, we'll see how i do for time and inspiration; at least for now i have a few ideas jotted down. 

as for today, i've mainly chilled out and planned my presentation ready for tuesday. tomorrow i intend to get the presentation put together and my work ready for presenting first thing on tuesday morning, and if i manage that, i'm thinking i might take another trip back to lush...


  1. Happy to hear everything's going alright again. <3