Wednesday, 25 February 2015

soap and glory | 'thick & fast' mascara

after coming to the end of my beloved elf mascara, i headed to boots with my £25 gift card i got for christmas on the hunt for another cruelty free option to replace it. i find that there aren't many brands in boots that i can actually buy from, so i headed straight to the soap and glory counter and was soon eyeing up their thick and fast mascara after hearing various good reviews from blogs, youtube and even friends. at £10 this mascara is more than double the price of my previous elf one, however i think that's pretty much the going rate for a good quality high street mascara so i wasn't reluctant to pay for it. 

the wand of this product is pretty much standard for a volumising mascara, being quite long, rounded and thick and near enough identical to its elf counterpart. in terms of coverage, it leaves your lashes looking long, separated and a little plumper like the elf one did, however the time it takes to achieve this with the soap and glory product is much less as i had to work with the elf mascara for a while to really get my lashes looking tip top, so the soap and glory offering wins on that front. the mascara doesn't particularly add or hold a curl well, and if i'm being picky it could offer a little bit more volume (or you could just add more coats!) but overall i'm really enjoying how easy and quick this product is to use and how separated and bold it leaves your lashes looking.

so, the bottom line: i'd definitely purchase this product again. i don't own much soap and glory makeup, however after really loving this mascara and a lipstick of theirs i'm definitely tempted to spend the remaining £15 of my boots gift card on some more of their make up bits and pieces to try out.


  1. Interesting! Never tried anything by that brand. Oh, and your eyeliner is wonderful! <3

  2. I'm going to London next week and I'm definitely going to buy a few Soap and Glory makeup items because in Germany they only sell their bath and body products. Have you got any idea whether the Thick & Fast HD mascara is as good as the 'original' Thick & Fast one?

    1. i've never tried the product myself so i honestly couldn't tell you, sorry! :(