Saturday, 28 February 2015

saturday scribbles

i thought i'd get today's saturday scribbles post out of the way early as i'll be working on my picture book again all day before heading out tonight to let my hair down for a few hours. i started this week on a high because my work was really starting to come together and feel effortless in its creation, but since i've begun tackling city scenes it's started to fall apart again and i'm starting to struggle. i was expecting this picture book to be a challenge simply because it focusses so much on locations, but i really hope i can pull it together after getting some feedback this coming monday. perhaps i need to simplify the spreads a little more, perhaps i need to let the drawing be a little looser, who knows.

i don't want to share too much too soon in terms of this project, so i think i'll stick with sharing some instagram snaps every week until i've got some finalised work to share!


  1. Incredible!


  2. Loooooove, especially the sloths in the trees!! xxx