Wednesday, 4 March 2015

lush | 'no drought' dry shampoo

i initially picked this product up on a whim last july when in london for new blood, and i'll admit, it took me quite a bit of getting used to after having used spray on dry shampoos for years previously. the product is a fine, fresh smelling powder that you apply either straight onto your hair or onto your hands before rubbing it into your hair until there's no trace of the product left, leaving your hair refreshed and smelling lovely.

the main difference between this product and other spray on dry shampoos is that this product doesn't leave your hair feeling matted and weighed down, but rather simply absorbs excess grease without making your hair dry and hard to manage afterwards. i know a lot of people favour spray in dry shampoos because of the volume and texture that they add to your hair, so if you're a fan of those products for that reason, this product probably won't be for you. i however like that this product doesn't dry out your hair too harshly because it means that i can make it to day three hair using this on my roots and my body shop glossing serum on my ends with hair that still looks fresh and bouncy, and who wouldn't want that?!

another great selling point about this product for me is the price; £3.95 might seem a lot on first impressions, but after 9 months of using the product i'm still yet to have made my way half way down it, which is incredible value for money! and i don't have to feel guilty about using this product after its infamous lush use by date because it's dated as being good up until 11/01/17, giving it a whopping 3 year life span – win! this product will no doubt see me through into early 2016, and unless something revolutionary is released in the mean time, i'm guessing i'll probably be heading back to lush in the future to pick another one of these up.

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