Wednesday, 25 March 2015

primark | p.s. love 'strong nails'

primark p.s. love strong nails: £1

generally i don't mind wasting money on cheap products that make bold claims (because if they don't work, what have you really lost?) but this primark nail strengthener has really impressed me over the last couple of months. 

while at school i always had such lovely, long nails, but working at wilkinson's from the age of 16 until 19 really wreaked havoc on them and they've never been the same since, or at least that was until i picked this product up (believe it or not!) i've been using this product every morning and night now for the last two months or so, and i've seen a really dramatic difference in my nails' strength and growth. i often have to file my nails right down because even when they grow they chip and peel, but since using this they've strengthened considerably and the peeling has reduced significantly, which has meant that my nails have had the chance to grow properly and start looking nice again instead of stumpy and down to the nib. previous to using this product, if i pressed on my nails i could bend them right down to the skin, but now they're much stronger and don't bend at all which is definitely an impressive improvement.

i'm pretty lazy when it comes to my nails simply because a) wearing falsies ruins your natural nails, and b) painting them becomes a daily chore when your nails chip as much as mine do, so i generally leave them au natural. previously this has meant that my hands looked and felt a little scruffy, but since seeing a difference in length i've begun to feel much more put together and feminine, which is crazy – who knew nails could make such a difference?! so for extra strong nails and added confidence, i'd say that this product is an absolute god send for a mere pound. 

i'm going to continue using this product indefinitely now i know that it's crazy affordable and seemingly works wonders – never again will i have to deal with stubby, grubby looking nails! if you struggle to grow your nails or are just generally looking for a product that will strengthen them without breaking the bank, i'd definitely recommend getting yourself down to primark and getting your hands on this product because it's bloody brilliant.


  1. I am having a huge issue with my nails peeling right now! I bought the essie millionnails to try out. If that doesn't work ill have to check this one out!


  2. Hey Robyn! Sorry for a stupid question but I hope that you can help me. I bought the same thing some days ago but apparently I throw out the package :) Now I can't figure out how to use it... like an oil for cuticules, like a cover before my nail polish or I should rub into the nails. Thank you in advance.

    1. hi olga! i can't remember that the product had specific usage directions, but i tend to apply mine once in the morning, and then once again until the evening, applying it to my nails and then waiting until it dries. i don't paint my nails, but i'm sure it'd work fine under nail polish :)

  3. Hello, I recently bought this product thinking it was a nail polish but I then found out it wasn't. What is it? Do you use it as a nail oil?