Saturday, 28 March 2015

saturday scribbles

this week i officially finished off the first complete draft of my picture book, and in doing so i've been able to highlight the definite weak points within the book and then set about rethinking a couple of spreads prior to tutor feedback as they're busy until monday with istd business. after reworking a couple of spreads i think they're looking a little better, however i'm still not convinced that they'll make it into the final book. at the moment i'm literally about 50/50 with spreads that are working and spreads that aren't, so i'm hoping that after a well needed feedback session i can pull the struggling half out of the land of mediocrity and finish off the book to a consistent standard that i'm happy with – fingers crossed!

i thought i'd share with you today some patterns that i've thrown together throughout the week, the final two being potential endpapers from my picture book. while i like the patterns as simply just patterns, i'm not sure they're gelling all that well with the book's narrative so they potentially won't make it into the final cut, and for that reason i've decided to upload them to my society6 account where they can thrive simply as what they are – nice (i hope, haha!) patterns! below are a few products that society6 offers with the above patterns on them, so if you like what you see, please do feel free to have a nosey through my profile!


  1. Oh my, I'd love that pillow and a few of your mugs! Unfortunately my bank account wouldn't love them at all at the moment... :(

    1. that's so sweet, thank you! i know what you mean, if it were more affordable i'd definitely have bought plenty of items from some of my favourite illustrators!