Wednesday, 13 May 2015

brows | a change in routine

when i dyed my hair back brown i encountered an issue: i had no powder to hand that matched the colour of my brows. to compensate for this i used a brown from one of my eyeshadow palettes, but it was way too dark for my brows which meant i was rockin' some dodgy looking brows for quite a while. i took myself off to boots and after hearing (and seeing) good things about eyebrow pencils from various youtubers, i thought i'd give them another go a couple of years after last using them.

i picked up the collection eye definer in shade 2, brown, and at first i really didn't get on with it. the first few tries with the product left me with serious scouse brows, but i persevered, got used to the product, and before i knew it it was doing the job perfectly. the moral of the story here is that if you're giving eyebrow pencils a go, you need a lot of patience, practice and a light hand. below i've talked through how i use the above products to groom my brows on the daily.

1: brush through your brows

2: pencil in the shape of your brows with soft, light strokes

3: brush through your brows to soften the appearance of the pencil and set with brow gel

and you're done! if you'd have told me a year ago that i'd be using pencils to groom my brows with now i definitely wouldn't have believed you, but now i'm back brown again i'm definitely a pencil convert. i'm almost at the end of the eye definer after having used it for a couple of months, so i suppose i'd better get myself back to boots and stock up on a couple more!


  1. your brows look great! i've been wanting to change up my routine so i'll look into these :)

    danielle | avec danielle

  2. They look amazing
    I got to shake up my routine for sure

    Garland Girl

  3. I love your brows. The color is awesome with your brows! X