Monday, 11 May 2015

sunday synopsis

well, it's been three weeks since i last posted a sunday synopsis post, and here's what's changed...

i got new glasses!
ta-da! remember the marilyn glasses i mentioned that i loved after trying out the glasses direct free home trial? well, with buy one get one free on frames and then an additional 50% off, these cost me a mere £18. £18!!! i'm dubbing these my 'interview glasses' because i feel fancy in them, and god knows we need to feel fabulous when going for an interview, right?

i heard back from walker about the job...
i heard back pretty quickly about the vacancy, and after a few short email exchanges i was informed that i couldn't be invited to interview because they were looking to have someone start at the end of april, when my course didn't finish until may. bummer. on the bright side, i got some fantastic feedback in regards to my cv and portfolio and it's definitely boosted my confidence in regards to applying for future jobs, now it's just waiting for relevant jobs within children's publishing to pop up for me to apply for... 

i handed in the last of my university work ever
friday was the hand in for my final graphic projects and professional communication modules, so i celebrated the only ways i know how with afternoon tea, a bottle of wine and a good night out in the evening. tomorrow sees me presenting for the final time as i talk my tutors through the process of completing both the modules, and three years on i still dislike putting together presentations as much as i did as a first year.

we now have a tory majority government
perhaps a little off topic from my normal blog drivel and the contents of the rest of this post, but it's kind of a big deal and something i felt i wanted to address, even if only briefly. on friday morning i really wasn't all that concerned about my hand in simply because of the dread and fear i was feeling watching the number of conservative seats rise as the live results came through, and since friday my fear and anger has only intensified. five years ago when the tory/lib dem coalition formed just before i started college i really had no idea as to why or what the people were protesting in london, but since hearing of the riots in london since the election i now completely understand the people's outrage, and would be doing the same thing myself if i was closer. without going too far into things or getting too angry, the election system is broken and desperately needs a reform. people are claiming that the 'people have spoken' and we should accept 'democracy', but it's a tough pill to swallow when a 'majority' is less than 40% of the country voting for it. the prospect of another 5 years of tory government is terrifying, and i can only hope that we the people can encourage positive change by coming together and expressing our concerns.

aaaaand i think that'll just about do for my reintroduction of sunday synopsis posts. i'll be honest, i find myself lazing around the house with my housemates most sundays until silly o'clock before realising that i've completely forgotten to tend to my blog, but from now on i'll try to stay a little more switched on and once again become more engaged with blogging, and hopefully get back into enjoying it more and wanting to update more. with the upcoming exhibitions i'm sure i should have plenty to be enthused about!


  1. I LOVE your new glasses! And I completely agree with you on the election results - I just can't understand why people (not including the richest in the country) would vote for them, apart from the fact they clearly haven't done any research and have just taken their 'promises' at face value. It's sooo frustrating, and I find it ridiculous that most the people who voted for them on my Facebook are students!! I just don't understand. And I definitely would have been at the protest if I was at home in London and not at uni. I really hope they don't stay in power for 5 years and we end up having a revolution of some sort - I do not believe we live in a democracy anymore!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. thank you! :) i'm with you on some kind of revolution, even if it's as small as a complete reform of the electoral system that's up to date with current politics and gives people the representation that they deserve – the first past the post system just isn't working any more and it's time it was acknowledged!

  2. Your glasses are adorable!! And awesome to hear about the great feedback, your style is so great Robyn you will have a job soon enough. The results on the election were pretty upsetting and it makes me angry that some people didn't even vote... It just doesn't make sense...

    1. thanks amy, it means so much to hear :) i really hope you're right haha! and i'm with you on that, the amount of apathy among people on my course was astounding, it baffled me to encounter so many that knew so little about what was going on politically. more education is needed regarding politics i think!