Saturday, 9 May 2015

saturday scribbles

hey, remember me? yesterday saw my final hand in as a third year student so now i'm freed up a little more (but not completely) than i was before, so i'm hoping to get the ball rolling once again with this blogging business.

apologies/excuses aside, i thought i'd end my mini hiatus with a saturday scribbles post to show you what materialised from my self promotion project. to say i felt so lost and scared about the direction of the project during the easter holidays, i'm actually pretty chuffed with what it's turned out to be. above are all my physical materials: a cv/letterhead design and my self promotion package that is intended to be sent out, composed of a postcard, zine and business card. alongside the physical items i also created an interactive, animated illustration that you can view on my online portfolio, and the physical package acts as a teaser to get potential clients/publishers/etc. to my website to have a nosey through my work. sticking with a limited colour palette was probably the best decision i made in regards to the project because it's help to create a strong sense of identity and consistency throughout the items without illustrations having to be present, which i think offers a nice stylistic alternative in comparison to my usual picture book illustration work. all in all i'm pretty pleased, and i hope you like what you see, too!

i fully intend to follow up from this post with a sunday synopsis post tomorrow evening, so stay tuned for that. in the mean time, please do go and have a nosey through my portfolio if you have the time – i'd love to know what you think!


  1. Your illustrations are amazing! Your cv/letterhead is incredible!!

    Renee | Lose The Road