Wednesday, 29 April 2015

lush | 'cupcake' fresh face mask

last week i finally used up my fifth lush product, so off i popped to my local shop to pick up a free fresh face mask. i opted for 'cupcake', which is described as being 'heaven for oily and teenage skin' by absorbing excess oil and calming breakouts. since christmas my skin's been extremely prone to breakouts around my chin, so i thought a change in routine with this product could do my skin a world of good.

while at the till, an employee told me that this face mask works best if you use it consecutively for 5 days then have 2 days off, saying that the mask works gradually to suck all the muck out of your skin, so i did just that. after around 3 days of using the mask i felt that my skin looked much brighter, fresher and the dark patches had lightened considerably, however i'd still not seen my chin clear of spots. then on the 4th day of using the face mask my chin broke out yet again, so i can't honestly say that this product's been doing its job even if it's shown to provide some other benefits.

i don't want to write this face mask off altogether because with deadlines looming there could be a variety of reasons for my skin breaking out so frequently, so i'll keep using this mask over the next few weeks until it's gone and make my mind up about it then. as it stands, i couldn't honestly see myself paying £6.50 for this simply because it hasn't lived up to expectations, but also because the mask has a shelf life of a month, which isn't the most pocket friendly price when you can pick up the mask of magnaminty for a pound less and it lasts three times as long (i also found that it worked great for my skin, too.)

the next time i have five empty pots accumulating in my cosmetics box i'll definitely be heading back to lush for my next free face mask, but i don't think i'll be picking cupcake up again, unfortunately.

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