Thursday, 23 April 2015


 fedora: topshop via depop
sunglasses: primark
dress: boohoo via vinted
belt: primark
necklace: gifted
socks: primark
boots: garage shoes

it's been a little quiet on the outfit front on my blog over the last couple of months because i've been working like a dog for uni, but that working has meant that i'm now in a good position with my workload and actually had the chance this morning to head outside to snap a few pictures for the ol' blog.

when the 70s trend first hit i can't say i was that enthused by it, but the typical fashion brainwashing ensued as it always does and now i'm totally on board (just not with flares i don't think, sorry, fashion!) i was on the lookout for a floaty dress with some flared sleeves, and i found this little number on vinted. the print's a lot louder than it appeared when i decided to purchase it, but i love it nonetheless and think it'll get a lot of wear this summer.

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  1. I lovee the dress, and I really like how load the print is. Also, I've been looking for fishnet ankle socks lie that for ages, I cant find any in high street shops, why doesn't my Primark stock them!?

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog