Wednesday, 22 April 2015

palmer's | 'dark chocolate & peppermint' lip butter

would you believe me if i told you that this product rescued my lips overnight? because it did! last week i had a bit of a mare with a new lip product that left my lips dry, cracked and sore, but using this for 24 hours sorted them out pretty much instantly. my usual lip balm is a burt's bees one that i use morning and night, but when my lips took a turn for the worse it just wasn't giving them the moisture that they needed, so i headed out to superdrug, picked this up and crossed my fingers that it'd do the job.

from the first application i could feel the difference on my lips; this butter is a very smooth, almost gel like consistency so it didn't drag on my lips as much as the burt's bees lip balm, which relieved and soothed them instantly. the consistency is very lightweight, non-sticky and fast absorbing, so you don't have to worry about any hair sticking to your lips mishaps if you're heading out wearing it like i did for the day. the product tingles ever so slightly as it's applied, and has a very pleasant scent and subtle taste to it (peppermint & dark chocolate, so delicious as you'd imagine.)

i wore this consistently through the day and applied it overnight when my lips most needed it, and they're pretty much back to how they were before the mishap all within 3 days, so it's fair to say i'm really impressed with this product. for now i'm retiring it and have switched back to my burt's bees balm, but it'll be my first thought in the future now when my lips are needing a little bit of extra love.


  1. The scent sounds lovely. X