Sunday, 19 April 2015

sunday synopsis

wow, ok, hi. it's been a while since i've sat down and typed up a sunday synopsis post, and without giving a list of reasons, mainly it's because i just haven't been bothered to when the time's come around, and that's ok. the last time i wrote a sunday synopsis post was on the 9th of march, so it's fair to say a lot's gone on in that time, but i won't drone on mindlessly for no good reason. in that time i've been home for easter, it's been ziggy's 2nd birthday and i've worked like a dog to make sure my final term at uni would run smoothly, and now i'm a week into it i think i can definitely say that my efforts weren't in vain. 

this week i've received great feedback on both my macmillan and self promotion projects which has meant i've been able to breathe a huge sigh of relief, and i've also in an almost spur of the moment fashion applied for my first job role which is definitely terrifying, but it's comforting me to know that i'm now on the ball and making every effort to secure a future for myself that i want. the job is with walker books as a design assistant, and to my knowledge it would be an absolutely perfect start to my career. i spent the entirety of second year convinced i wanted to work freelance after university, but this year as i've broadened my knowledge of and interest in picture books i've realised that a publishing house is probably where i want to be to be further broadening my knowledge and meeting people who share my passions, and i'm crossing my fingers, toes and whatever else that i end up on the path that i desire to be on. time will tell!

in three weeks' time i'll have handed in the last of my university work and will be preparing to give a twenty minute presentation, and then once that's done i'll be working with the rest of my class to prepare our stall for the new blood exhibition in london in july which i really can't wait for. me and josh visited new blood last year to get a feel for what it was about and even as a second year the place was lively and exciting, so i can only imagine that as a fresh graduate eager to make connections it'll be all the more exciting. i'm a bit conflicted with my emotions regarding the future at the moment simply because it's equal parts as exciting as it is terrifying; exciting because we'll finally get to celebrate our achievements after three years of hard work, and terrifying because i really have no idea where i'll be in six months' time.

if all goes well, in six months' time i'll be living in london with josh and going out to work within a publishing house, and if all doesn't, i'll be back at home desperately considering my next move. maybe in six months' time i'll look back at this post and laugh, but as of now the fear is legitimate and all i can do to curb it is to be as proactive in terms of job hunting as i can be, and that's what i'm doing. other than that, maybe it's time to sacrifice some virgins to satan?

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