Friday, 29 May 2015

End of Year Exhibition

The last couple of weeks have seen myself and my coursemates preparing for our end of year exhibition, which opened on Tuesday and closes at 4pm today – so if you're local, there's still time for you to nip in for a nosey!

Me being me, I completely forgot to take along my DSLR to take some proper pictures, so instead i had to make do with quickly snapping a few pictures on my phone at the end of my session manning the exhibition yesterday. In all the excitement of the private view on Tuesday evening, I even forgot to take pictures then! So while all my coursemates have lovely pictures in front of their banners with friends and family, I have absolutely nada. I suppose the memories will have to do, right? It was great to celebrate everyone's work on Tuesday night and I'm really looking forward to heading to London for New Blood now, I just hope that there are equally as exciting things on the horizon afterwards! 

Speaking of exciting things, I also found out yesterday that my joint entry into the Creative Conscience awards with a coursemate has made the finals, and we've been invited to the awards ceremony in July to see how we fared! I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to speak to other people who are about to graduate and hopefully making some fab connections. If you haven't seen the entry, you can do so below:


  1. The exhibition and looks great and I wish you luck in the finals of the creative conscience award! :)

  2. Well done on the exhibition! Looks great and your creative conscience project is really awesome too! Good luck for it.
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!