Monday, 18 May 2015

sunday synopsis

well my good intentions of not neglecting my sunday synopsis posts went well out of the window last night after i got caught up in packaging up an etsy order, and then decided to pull my paints and pencils out for the first time in a few weeks. there's always next week, eh?

as i mentioned in this week's saturday scribbles post, i've mostly spent the week celebratory eating and drinking as well as being in and out of uni for minor tasks to tie up loose ends. wednesday saw the last day of final presentations, so that evening a bunch of people from my course headed out for a meal before going out for the night which was fun. then on the friday me and my housemate, josh, headed out to newcastle for the day. we decided to have a nosey around the town centre (spending a considerable amount of time in waterstones) before heading to las iguanas for lunch, which was hands down the best £14 i've ever spent. as part of the lunch menu you can get a starter, main and glass of wine for under £10, and cocktails are on 2 for 1 before 7pm so i opted for a vegetable enchilada and a pina colada and my tastebuds could not have been happier – honestly, if you live near a las iguanas get yourself there for lunch one day, you won't be disappointed.

food talk aside, while we were in newcastle we also decided to have a walk to the biscuit factory to see what was available. i spotted a few of kate rowland's laser cut wooden accessories for sale amongst lots of other lovely prints, cushions, jewellery and mugs etc., however with it being close to the end of term and without a job or another student loan on the way i couldn't really afford to splash out £25 on a lovely illustrated dinosaur print i spied out... one day, eh? after we'd finished there we headed over the millennium bridge to the baltic gallery for a nosey around, and as ever we spent a lot of time in the gift shop at the end of our visit... gift shop fiends, i tell ya.

saturday and sunday were mainly empty days, with me and josh cooking ourselves our first proper sunday dinner of the year (which was delicious!), and me getting all my old etsy stock together to rephotograph and list at a discounted price in an attempt to downsize my possessions before i eventually move out. i'm thinking i'll pop a post up tomorrow with all the discounted items and any relevant links, so if you're into handmade items under £5 and are interested in a little look at what i have available, watch this space!

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