Wednesday, 12 August 2015

A little bit of news...

Just before I flew out to Germany I applied for a Christmas temp position at Lush, and while I was away I was offered an interview that I couldn't attend and worried that I'd missed out on a chance altogether. Luckily for me however, I was offered another interview for when I was home and I excitedly attended it last Thursday. 

After feeling a little underwhelmed with my performance in the group interview, I was both shocked and delighted to know that I'd passed the interview stage and had been invited to partake in a shop floor trial shift, and that shock and delight only intensified after that when I found out yesterday that I'd only gone and got the job!

I'd never have guessed a couple of months ago that at this moment in time I'd be about to start working as a Lush shop floor assistant, but it's something I've welcomed with open arms. London didn't exactly go as I may have sillily imagined it could've, so it's all steam ahead with my plan B right now, which is find a job in the meantime and just keep applying for design positions as and when they pop up (I'm still waiting to hear back about jobs I applied for over two months ago – madness, eh?!)

While London didn't go as I may have imagined, it did however turn out to have been a success as I was contacted by a lovely agent while I was in Germany, and have since arranged for me to head down to their office in October and have a chat through my portfolio, aspirations and what the agency can do for me (and vice versa.) In all honesty, I was scared to approach agencies because I just didn't feel that my body of work was up to scratch, so it's been a real pleasant surprise to have been contacted by one, and in particular one that represents a lot of illustrators whose work I love and respect – who'd have thought it?!

Life right now isn't as I may have imagined it, but I'm very excited for the future nonetheless; I'm excited to start working at Lush and learn about the company and its products and hopefully make some fab friends along the way, and I'm also excited to start working with an agency and hopefully get stuck into some real portfolio changing projects that will help to improve my work and portfolio, and help me gain some well needed confidence as a ~freelance illustrator~ because, madly, that's essentially what I'll be! (That also means sorting through my own tax returns, but i'll deal with that later!)

So, for now, I'm pretty happy. I've learnt that graduating isn't so bad if you keep an open mind and allow flexibility for your life to follow whatever path is right at the time; because, let's face it, I've got a lot of time left to progress to where I perhaps one day want to be!


  1. Brilliant news! I hope that you enjoy the job and the agency goes well for you!