Sunday, 23 August 2015

Lush Week 1

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you may have noticed that I've been a little quiet this week, and it's mainly because I've spent a lot of time at work, and when I've not been at work, I've been trawling through Lush's website teaching myself about their products and copying up the notes I've taken during various training sessions I've had throughout the week.

Working at Lush is a commitment. A pleasure, but a commitment. I hand on heart don't believe someone could succeed at the job without an interest in its ethics, products and cosmetics in general, because there's so much to learn and your job, essentially, is to be a friendly human dispenser of that knowledge who strives to deliver it to you in a relatable, easy to digest manner, all while providing top notch customer service. 

I've learnt a lot in my first week, mostly about skincare, and I can't wait to know my way around the shop and to be able to talk in length about more products than just the bath bombs (of which I've sold a lot of this week, hence this post's illustration.) Knowledge takes time to build, so here's hoping that I can absorb all that I need to over the next couple of months so I can be a fully qualified Lushy!

* FUN FACT! * You know how amongst beauty bloggers face wipes are a sin? Well, I learnt this week it's because face wipes are mineral oil based, which is a byproduct of petrol. Petrol. On your face. Also the molecules of mineral oil are huge and get left behind on your skin, and that's why your face feels sticky if you take your makeup off with baby wipes and don't follow up with a cleanser. Fun, eh?!


  1. ahhhh!! I love the illustration! I's soooo wonderful! I can't even express how cute this is. I need to find more adjectives but this is so so adorable! I love the little pose and all the glittery effects around the products cuz they are kinda like magic aren't they?

    The job sounds so much fun and even though i find it annoying sometimes how they never leave you alone I can understand why since they have so much info to share. I would love to be a lush worker, but lets be honest, who wouldn't! The face wipes thing scared me though because that's all I use. I'll probably have to invest in something else.

    1. Aw Amy I can't even tell you how happy I was to get back from work and read this comment – thank you!!

      And they definitely do, I think more than anything the workers are just passionate and love chatting about the products so it's more about dispensing knowledge than pushing a sale :) Well if you do decide to ever go down another skincare avenue, Lush's cleansers are all top notch, no bias ;)

  2. oh my god. your blog is fantastic! you've combined illustration and beauty and EVERYTHING. :) love love love it!
    Shannon Grace || ♥

  3. That is such a lovely illustration of you! You look so happy :) It is so cool that you work there, I always enjoy their lovely smelling products! Scary to learn about the face wipes, thank you for sharing!

    Katrina Sophia