Wednesday, 26 August 2015

SWIG 'Naked' Hip Flask

Ok, ok, I know what you're probably thinking: this is a little out of the realms of my normal blog content! And I admit, it is, but when I was contacted by Daniel from SWIG and I had a look through their website, their premium products piqued my interest and I agreed to receive a hip flask of my choice and give it a test run over the course of a week.

When the package arrived I was blown away by how beautifully packaged the flask was; it arrived in a sturdy little box adorned with a bow, lined inside with a beautiful paisley print fabric, with the flask laid out contrastingly on top of it. SWIG's business card reads 'Exceptional Hip Flasks', and I definitely had to agree with it. The packaging felt so mature and premium and I knew that it would make a fabulous gift for somebody.

The flask even piqued Ziggy's interest!

SWIG's hip flasks can be purchased with a variety of premium cases, ranging from tweed to magnetic designs, but as I'm avoiding purchasing leather I decided to go for a simple – but beautiful – Naked hip flask. The flask is seamless with a flat bottom, meaning it can be stood up straight and there's no fear of it leaking, which for me is a lifesaver because I like to carry mine around in the bottom of my bag on a night out.

I took this out with me last Friday night carrying some apple vodka, and as expected, I didn't experience any leaking whatsoever (which is always great when you're carting around sticky, alcoholic substances!) I used to have a cheap, £10 hip flask from Urban Outfitters, but I retired it a while ago because it used to leak everywhere whenever I used it, so it's nice to finally have a more reliable option. My old UO hip flask was also fiddly and awkward to open, which resulted in me eventually breaking the cap; this isn't an issue however with my new SWIG flask as it simply screws on and off – no awkward fastenings, no breakages, no problem! Just a constant flow of vodka aaaaaall night long (but not a flow into my bag, as we've already established...)

While we're on the subject of nights out, I thought it'd be handy to mention that the design of the Naked flask comes in perfectly handy for use as a mirror. Want to quickly top up your lipstick but there's no mirror in sight? No problem, your Naked flask's got your back!

To summarise, I'm very happy with my new flask, and I'm sure it'll get a lot of use in its lifetime. I appreciate that these flasks aren't the cheapest if you're just looking for a little something to cart your bargain vodka around in, but the quality of the item and the luxury of the packaging to me makes it worth every penny: you're paying a premium price, but you're definitely getting a premium product that'll far outlive any cheaper options you may pick up. 

While you may not be interested in buying yourself a premium hip flask, there may be someone in your life who might appreciate one, and I think SWIG's products would make a fabulous gift for someone in need of a new hip flask. As well as the premium cases that I mentioned previously, SWIG also offer an engraving service which I think would be a nice, personal touch to any gifted hip flask for a special someone. 

*Disclaimer: The Naked Hip Flask was gifted to me by SWIG, but all opinions expressed are honest and my own. 

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