Saturday, 24 October 2015

Dark Sky Blue #Colour_Collective

I feel like all I post on my blog nowadays are my colour collective pieces, but better something than nothing, eh?

I've had a lot on this week and as such haven't found much time for doodling, so this piece was pretty rushed in terms of idea generation and execution, as I began to pencil up the piece just before lunch on Friday morning and colouring it in afterwards. I was a stranger to drawing penguins before this piece and as such I think they feel a little stiff and lifeless, but practice makes perfect and if I ever come to drawing penguins again I'll be making sure to loosen up and doodle a few before committing to a final illustration!

My gripes with this piece aside, it seemed to be pretty well received on Twitter, which was a nice surprise. I think half of my issue with this piece is the fact that there wasn't much time in between finishing it and posting it online, meaning that I didn't get much of a chance to evaluate it as a whole and decide on whether or not I thought it worked before committing to sharing it. Normally I like to get my CC pieces done and dusted by Thursday or earlier so I have lots of time to work, evaluate, rework, evaluate etc, so to be somewhat rushed into a final decision left me feeling a bit uneasy – weird artsy rituals, eh?

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