Wednesday, 17 July 2013

poodles & products

hello all, here's something a little different from me today! i figured that all my favourite blogs, be they based around illustration, beauty, lifestyle or fashion, all have a somewhat personal feel to them which i really like; i find being able to put a face to a name helps me become more involved and interested in a blog, for whatever strange reason; so i decided that i was gonna go ahead and make my blog a little more personal. i won't become a blog that constantly posts ootds or incessantly rambles on about my daily doings, however i won't shy away from the occasional post that may relate to what i'm doing creatively that may involve photographs of my life or anything that may be influencing me creatively lately. basically, i just want you guys to maybe feel like you know a little more about me, because at the minute, i get the sense that perhaps none of my followers know anything about me at all!

so, introductions aside, here i want to introduce you to my poodle puppy, ziggy, who we've had for around 6 weeks now. she's a very naughty little character (but also a very cute one) and you may have seen her make an appearance in my 'what i would've wore today' post a couple of weeks back.

i also styled one of my necklaces on a day out shopping a few days back (shameless self promotion, i know) and i found that the simplistic designs and monochrome colour scheme sit really well with my new motel dress which i absolutely adore. maybe i'll experiment with a more colourful outfit next time! also, if any of you have purchased any of my jewellery, i'd love to see how you've styled it yourself, so please feel free to tweet any pictures you may have to me!

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