Saturday, 5 October 2013

little pink dress

hat: h&m
necklace: primark
dress: asos
belt: asos
shoes: missguided

i first stumbled upon this dress on asos in black, and just before i added it to my cart i noticed there was another colour option, so i asked myself the question: do i really need another little black dress? and in that moment, i did something really daring and bought a bright pink dress... ok, it was daring for me.

i'm pleased i went for the pink, the colour's really pretty and i feel instantly girly and feminine when i slip it on, although i do like to dress it down a little with my hat so i still feel a little like myself when wearing it. i wore this dress for my first night out during freshers and it couldn't have been a more appropriate choice, what with me being stuck in a sweaty room full of giddy drunken first years (ah, god bless 'em.) the fact that this dress is rather lightweight and there's, erm, not very much to it, means that it's a good choice for when you know you're going to be pretty warm all night.

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