Sunday, 29 September 2013

muted florals

necklace: robynmakesthings 
skirt: internacionale
jacket: h&m
socks: h&m
shoes: ebay 
belt: asos

i'm a day late with this post due to my puppy coming to stay with me and the landlord deciding to come and visit at a totally inconvenient time, but letter late than never, eh? i'm currently making the most of the little bit of warmth we're still managing to cling onto here up north by getting my wear out of this gorgeous illustrated crop top i bought from a stall at the elsecar heritage craft & vintage fair i held a stall at back in july. i find that the colours in this h&m jacket, composed of greys and muted purples, work really well with the crop top and help to provide me a little bit of warmth where needed in this cooler weather!

all summer i was in search of the perfect pair of chunky and/or cut out boots, and after falling in love with the jeffery campbell coltrane boots but not having £150 to spare and there being no decent dupes anywhere to be found, i made do with these boots that i picked up for just £20. all was good and well and i adored my boots up until around a week ago when i spotted some fantastic coltrane dupes in a local shoe shop for just £30... and i suppose that's what i get for being in a rush to own things! there are also some really fab coltrane dupes floating around on ebay at the minute too, so if i hadn't have already spent my money on these boots, i'd have definitely been buying myself a pair of those!


  1. I was determined to get a pair of boots but I just ended up buying a new pair of trainers...I never seem to find a pair that I like. I loooove this floral jacket though!

  2. Such a cute crop top and I bloody love that floral bomber, so gorgeous!