Sunday, 6 October 2013

sunday synopsis

hello, you lovely lot! i'm coming at you all with some terrible alliteration now on a weekly basis, where i briefly update you all on what's been happening in my life over the previous week and provide you with a shameless selfie. i figured this would be a good way of making sure i post at least twice a week on my blog and that it would be interesting to see how my appearance changes over the course of the next however many weeks, months or possibly years i may keep this going for! will i get that septum piercing i keep pondering? will my hair remain this lovely shade of orange? who knows!

this week i started back at university, and while second year looks promising because it boasts a lot of self motivated work and the chance to explore briefs in a way that is relevant to our specialisms/interests, it's been one heck of a slog so far because we've been doing the same boring 'warm up' briefs we were also given in year one; one task involved designing a teaching guide, and the other  the notorious nss poster design that haunts design students all over the country. i find it constantly hard to motivate myself to want to undertake design briefs like the ones listed because they're totally not relevant to my style as a person, but also as an illustrator as i'm just not interested in helvetica neue, kerning and clean, pristine layouts - it's just not me; i want bunnies and scribble marks! i gave the tasks a whirl anyway to see how i could perhaps incorporate my style, and as far as i'm concerned, i failed miserably on the teaching guide design and did an ok job on the nss poster. i'm receiving further feedback on my nss poster on monday, so perhaps if after then i feel i've composed a somewhat solid design i'll actually post it up on here for you all to see, but only time will tell! another exciting bit of news for me personally is that i finally sold the first copy of my zine, how to become one with the sloths, yay! hopefully the buyer will enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it!

i hope you've all had a lovely week and that any of my readers who have started/returned to university have settled in well and are enjoying their courses so far more than i currently am. happy sunday!

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