Wednesday, 16 April 2014

lush | dark angels

as i was coming to the end of my tub of herbalism, i decided it was time to head to lush to see what else they had to offer to help combat my pesky combination skin. while speaking to a shop assistant, i asked for something a little more powerful than herbalism as i felt that it wasn't quite working the wonders it had originally worked on my skin, and she pointed me in the direction of dark angels.

i initially noticed that the product itself looks very scary, however after popping the lid open and having a sniff, its scent had drawn me in. it's probably one that's not going to appeal to everyone, smelling like a mixture of aniseed and liquorice, but i've always been drawn to a somewhat overpowering, sweet stench. after a chat with the assistant i was informed that dark angels is something of an abrasive exfoliator as well as a cleanser, and so to be careful not to let it dry out my skin too much by moisturising well after using it. having being told this, i decided to purchase this as well as repurchasing herbalism so i could use herbalism on a morning to wake me up gently, and then have a deep cleanse in the evening with dark angels to rid my face of whatever it may have encountered throughout the day.

after a couple of weeks using dark angels alongside herbalism, i noticed that i much preferred how dark angels left my skin feeling, and also the experience of using it. since using dark angels, i really don't feel that herbalism cleans my skin properly at all; where herbalism leaves my skin feeling fresh, it doesn't give me the 'deep clean', plump feeling that dark angels does, and over time i've begun to abandon herbalism a little, in favour of a deeper cleanse. now i know dark angels isn't quite as scary as it looks or sounds, i'll probably drop herbalism altogether and just use this on it's own because i really, really love it.

if you have somewhat oily skin that's prone to blemishes, i'd definitely recommend heading down to your local lush shop and have a nosy at dark angels. an assistant happily gave me a small tester pot to try before i committed to the buy, so if you're not sure yourself, ask and you'll probably receive! it's always lovely to chat to assistants in lush because they're so happy to help and are genuinely interested in the products and helping you find what's right for you!

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