Saturday, 19 April 2014

pinny & puppies

pinafore: primark
shirt: primark
necklace: topshop (old)
socks: primark
shoes: primark

today sees the last of my backlog of outfit posts - from here on everything will be posted as it's worn, yippee! while clearing out some old clothes, i picked this shirt up but just couldn't find it in me to part with it - the off white and browns in the french bulldogs seem to work really well with my orange hair, so i thought it'd be a decision i'd regret if i were to let go of it. i then set about giving it a new lease of life paired up with something i hadn't previously paired it with, and thought it worked well with this pinny due to the brassy tones on its buttons. i also pulled out these socks - that i picked up a while ago but never actually wore - because the colours compliment the shirt really well. other than the necklace (which primark did a version of anyway!) this outfit sees me head to toe in primark, which further makes me question the people who claim to not find anything in there. my advice? look further!


  1. Absolutely adore this outfit and the cute prints going on!
    Just discovered your blog and am in love with it, I'm now following you on Bloglovin' :)
    Your layout is just so adorable as well! xx

    Adventures of an Anglophile

    1. aw, thank you very much! i dropped you a follow too :)