Sunday, 27 April 2014

sunday synopsis

after completely forgetting about my weekly update post last week, i'm back again this sunday to ramble to you all about the events that've taken place in my life this previous week - woohoo (?!) monday marked my first day back at uni for my final term, and because i finished off the entirety of my picture book over spring break, i've only really had tutors to see, my work to send off and my book to make twice. on wednesday i was in uni bright and early to mount a few spreads of my work and package them up alongside my finished dummy to send off for the macmillan prize, and after seeing it all finalised and good to go i was overcome with such a ridiculous sense of pride - to see something i'd written and illustrated in its entirety was fulfilling in ways that i can't explain, and i'm now so proud to have the work sat in my portfolio; watch my blog over the next week or so as i'll no doubt upload the project to my online portfolio for you all to peek at, if you so wish to!

on friday graham rawle came back to visit and give us all another talk, this time focussing on storytelling, making it all the more relevant to what it is i'm interested in and an interesting and entertaining listen. a tutor very kindly arranged for me to see him in the afternoon to have a flick through my portfolio and discuss my work which was completely bizarre but absolutely fabulous, and altogether he had some pretty wise words to share - however lame that sounds - and was an all round really nice, funny guy, and i definitely feel really lucky to have had the chance to sit down and have a conversation with him; definitely a fond uni memory i'll take away with me!

this thursday sees my last formal assessment that's accompanied by a presentation - woo hoo! - and then the next couple of weeks sees me finishing off my written module and dissertation proposal before settling down for the last couple of weeks of uni where in which the end of year exhibition takes place, and i'm so stupidly excited to see everyone's hard work displayed for everyone to celebrate! what a year second year has been, however difficult it's been in places. it's funny to think this time last year i was so full of doubt about the course, and i'm now so confident, happy and self-assured as ever - what a difference a year makes!

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