Wednesday, 30 April 2014

the body shop | seaweed skincare

i've been using the above items from the body shop's seaweed skin care range for a couple of months now, so i thought it only right to throw my two cents out there on how i've been getting on with them.

the face mask is probably my favourite item of the three, promising to 'purify, cleanse and control excess oil' for combination and oily skin types. i generally use this once or twice a week, or after a night out to rid my skin of all the nasties that drinking alcohol and sleeping in your make up (i know, naughty me!) helps your skin to accumulate. the mask itself is really thick and you only need a small amount to coat your whole face, it smells somewhat salty but fresh, and i sit with it on for around 10 - 15 minutes. while the mask is hardening, you can see small dots all over your face where the mask is working to rid your pores of dirt, and after washing it off, my skin feels plump, clean and fresh, and just generally helps me feel as though i've done my skin a whole load of good. because i don't use it all that often, i probably wouldn't begrudge paying another £12 for a second tub because it does as it claims, is a nice product all around and lasts long enough to somewhat justify the price tag.

this is the first cruelty free moisturiser i've purchased, having previously used a nivea oil free one, and i'd say this product does pretty much an identical job to my old moisturiser, it just costs a hell of a lot more. the moisturiser is nice, with a lightweight feel and consistency that absorbs into your skin well and dries quickly, i just find it isn't quite worth the hefty price tag. if money wasn't an issue, i'd probably be repurchasing, but due to the small amount you receive i'm tempted to try out a lightweight simple moisturiser next because you get a lot more product for a lot less money.

finally, the pore perfector. of all the items, i really, really wanted to love this and sing around about how my pores became practically non existent and my skin was supple and even, but in reality, i don't think the product did much for my skin at all. my skin tone's still a bit off, i can still see the pores on my nose and chin, and if anything, i think anything i may have noticed is probably all in my head because i wanted the product to work so badly. so, all in all, i'm pretty disappointed with this, and with it costing £11 and me being almost at the end of the bottle, i can't say i think it's worth the money at all.

pretty mixed reviews altogether, but the body shop's still somewhere i'm fond of popping in to have a browse around even if a few of their products have let me down. would i recommend these products? no, probably not. they're not cheap, and they do nothing more than a mediocre job, so in future i guess i could be tempted to pay a little more for skincare products to try and achieve the effect i'm aiming for. that being said, everybody's skin is different and just because one product doesn't work for somebody, it doesn't mean it won't work for somebody else. if i had to recommend one product, however, it'd definitely be the face mask. ah well, you can always rely on the skin, hair and body items to leave you smooth and smelling delicious!

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