Thursday, 1 May 2014

finished picture book: the sloth who almost stole christmas

today i present and hand in my final *real* piece of work for the year, and i'm so stupidly excited about it that i might just bust! the idea for 'the sloth who almost stole christmas' has been floating around in my head since around october last year, so it's so incredibly satisfying to actually have my thoughts now out in the real world, written down and documented visually ready for people to have a browse through! a few of my friends and the tutors have had a read of my story in its entirety, and i'm pretty much getting thumbs up all round - one tutor even said he'd like to get a copy printed to read to his own children, what a dream! it's fair to say that i'm incredibly proud of the final outcome and i'm just so excited to be able to have it in my portfolio as a testament to the fact that i'm interested in writing as well as illustrating - note to self, explore more story ideas over the summer - and also to prove that i am capable of producing an entire picture book, on my own, from cover to cover. ah.

i'll not babble on any longer, but i am so darn happy to end second year with this hand in. squeeee! i'll leave you with some spread images to have a nosey at, which you can also view through my online portfolio.


  1. It looks really great! You should be so proud with it and I hope to see you selling these soon!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

    1. thank you very much, lauren! i'd love to sell it, but unfortunately at around £20 to print it's not very cost effective, but it means the world to know it'd interest you! :) x

  2. Even though this was posted over a year ago I still thought I'd mention how lovely this looks! I'd definitely buy it to read it to a child (or just for myself too actually). :)