Monday, 5 May 2014

flower power

 floral crown: ebay
jacket: ebay
cami top: primark
necklace: shop dixi
skirt: select
boots: missguided

i decided top nip into primark for the first time in a while last week, and for the most part i was thoroughly disappointed. hey, primark! i know midi is in at the minute, but do you have to make every single desirable dress and skirt midi length? it just doesn't work out well for a short gal like myself! all hope wasn't lost however as i left the store with this 3d flower cami top (as well as the shed load of tights i intended to buy in the first place) - cute, isn't it?!

i wore this outfit on saturday night when i went out for a meal and to the cinema with a group of friends, and the clashing of the 3d flowers with the gingham skirt and leather jacket help to toughen the top up a little bit so i can wear it without feeling so much of a six year old girl! throwing in a black floral crown and my trusty chunky boots helped to further toughen the outfit up a little, and overall i felt pretty good rocking my 'florals'.

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