Wednesday, 7 May 2014

where have you been all my life?! e.l.f. eyebrow treat & tame

if you'd have asked me this time last year what i thought of my eyebrows right now, i'd have raised an eyebrow and told myself i looked like an owl (you know, the little pointy hairs above their eyes?!) and set to work plucking away the unruly bushy hairs growing towards the inner corner of my eyes. fast forward a year and thank god my eyebrow point of view has drastically changed! it was around this time last year that i began using powder to fill in my eyebrows rather than a pencil as i'd grown tired of the super precise, false looking brows, and wanted to go for something a little more natural looking instead, and with that, naturally, i started to grow back my beloved brows.

a year on and i'm well on my way to having the brows i desire, however they're still very much a work in progress. those pesky owlish inner hairs that once were plucked before having the chance to see the light of day now simply just don't grow fast enough for my liking, and thanks to the e.l.f. treat & tame, i can now fake my way to a more bushy, fuller looking brow.

i picked the treat & tame up on a whim while browsing the NYC e.l.f. store after seeing a load of bloggers raving about other brow gels such as the maybelline and benefit ones, but little did i know just how much of a positive effect it was going to have. just after moisturising on a morning, i use the 'treat' side of the tube all over my brows with particular attention paid to the inner corner, and then do the same again every night. i don't really know if the gel's doing any good, but i figure since it's there i might as well use it. once i've filled in my brows with powder, i set to work on them with the 'tame' side of the tube, brushing the hairs upwards to set them, add a little extra colour and give them more of a bushy, full appearance that nowadays i just love. i understand everyone's eyebrow preferences differ, but since using this product i've completely fallen back in love with my brows now i can pretend that i've been blessed with thick, bushy brows... or something like that.

i cannot rave enough about this product and will most definitely be repurchasing it for a mere £3.95. if you're a bushy brows fan yourself, i would definitely, absolutely, positively recommend giving this a go; i can't say for certain as i haven't tried them, however i imagine it does pretty much the same job as the maybelline and benefit options, however it's a fraction of the price and cruelty free (hint hint), so why the hell not?!


  1. I have to admit I'm never one for being overly conscious of my eye brows but I should really get into the habit of getting them shaped. It's not like they are absolutely a state but they could with a clean up!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

    1. perhaps if you're new to having your eyebrows shaped you could have them done professionally to kick it off, and from there just pluck away any strays yourself? that's how i started my whole eyebrow thing haha, plus it makes it more convenient and cheaper! x