Saturday, 3 May 2014

jessica daying my way around

allow me to explain the title: if you didn't know, jessica day is zooey deschanel's character in new girl, and my friend josh coined the term 'jessica daying your way around' to describe my jittery disposition throughout day to day life, so i thought: what else would i possibly title this post?! as an avid new girl watcher myself, i'd always been a fan of the various glasses jessica herself sports, so when the time came for me to grab some new frames for myself, it didn't take me all that long to pick out a jessica day inspired pair. 

after getting my first pair of glasses last year, throughout the year i'd noticed my eyes get progressively weaker and decided to head into specsavers for another test after getting a leaflet through for a free eye test - yippee! it turns out i'd been a little bit of a drama queen about my now less than perfect eyesight, and although my eyes had worsened somewhat, it wasn't a drastic enough change to warrant a change in prescription. the optician did however recommend trying on some pairs that fit my face a little better as my glasses were poorly fitted and that could've been affecting how well i saw through them - that was me being a silly first time glasses buyer there and not having my specs altered to fit my face properly! - so i decided to have a mooch around their collections to see what was on offer. 

the first pair i was drawn to was this circular pair by cheap monday, having the obvious jessica day vibe about them. they're not too dissimilar to my original glasses, but i find the soft circular shape looks a tad more feminine than the somewhat square shape of my others. they also have the slight tortoiseshell colouring about them which i'm also a huge fan of, so these were immediately added to my list of options.

i picked this second pair up on a whim as i loved the style but wasn't sure they'd suit my face, but after giving them a go i soon changed my mind. once again they have tortoiseshell colouring and ever so slight points to the outer corners, making them look a little bit feline, i guess, without being a bit over the top; i really like the look of cat eye glasses, however every pair i tried on just had me looking in the mirror to see something that i thought resembled roz from monsters inc., so i sadly avoided them from there on! this pair were the perfect compromise, giving a slight angle to the face while also being dainty and feminine.

both of these pairs were part of the 2 for 1 range at specsavers, and with them offering a 25% student discount, you can walk away with 2 pairs of glasses for £75 - not bad value for money, really! not considering that i now have two fantastic pairs of glasses to choose from that actually fit my face. so far i've had fun getting my wear of both pairs of glasses, opting for the cheap monday pair most days and then for the gok wan pair when i'm wanting to look a little bit more 'smart', to my assessment presentation, for example; how could you not take me seriously when wearing those?! i jest, of course, but i do think it's really great now to be able to choose my glasses to match whatever style i'm going for on the day.


  1. hi there robyn! i was just wondering which branch you bought your glasses from? my specsavers branch doesn't offer the student discount on the 2-for-1 offer :/ The glasses really look lovely on you, by the way!

    1. thank you! i picked these up from the middlesbrough branch :)

    2. Ah, so strange! I called them up and they said that they've never done the offer before!